Case Study

Consumer and Small Business Banking – Awareness Campaign




This case study showcases how Strategic Media helped a leading banking client generate awareness among the local Tri-Cities/SF Bay Area region by positioning their bank as an integral part of the community.  In addition to promoting their brand, they had the goal of introducing their new bank headquarters right in town – generating hype and traffic for the grand opening, all with a limited media investment. 


Overall out of home plus digital campaign optimizations increased the media plan impressions from original 23.2 Million to 49.2 million [+26 million impressions or 112%] and an overall eCPM of $3 – at no increase in budget.

Target Geography

Tri Cities [Fremont, Newark, Union City], California

Target Personas

80% Consumers: Age 35-64, College Graduates, Home Owner/Buyer, 150k+ HHI, Community, civic, and philanthropic involvement

20% Small Business:  SMB, <1000 employees, up to $250M ARR

Media Approach

  • Demonstrate the Bank’s leadership and community spirit with local events and out-of-home media
  • Reach target audience while they actively seek information online or are geo-located near Bank and competitors
  • Utilize media that allows for a memorable ‘headline’ driven ad campaign that keeps the Bank top-of-mind
  • Bring campaign to life with multi-dimensional OOH executions and hyper targeted digital ads to capture users while in close proximity to the bank and the competitor banks in the area
  • Utilize localized OOH platforms – prominent static and digital billboards along with Bus Poster Kings to deliver the Bank’s messaging throughout the Tri Cities area
  • Target all impressions to Tri Cities area by city/zip code and utilize geo-fencing around specific addresses
  • Optimize limited funds with media that will generate the greatest reach and frequency at the lowest cost/CPM


  • Programmatic
  • OOH

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