Case Studies

This case study showcases how Strategic Media helped a leading banking client generate awareness among the local Tri-Cities/SF Bay Area region by positioning their bank as an integral part of the community.  In addition to promoting their brand, they had the goal of introducing their new bank headquarters right in town – generating hype and traffic for the grand opening, all with a limited media investment.

This case study showcases how Strategic Media helped our Product Management software client generate quick awareness, booth and landing page traffic surrounding the Mind the Product conference in June 2023.

This case study showcases how Strategic Media helped a Cloud Security client penetrate key Enterprise and Growth accounts using a combination of targeted ABM with Intent layer and high impact brand awareness tactics to drive the client’s highest MQL volume seen by any marketing channel in 2021. 

This Enterprise cyber security case study showcases how the Strategic Media planning team generated net new engagements, marketing qualified leads and Pipeline with a positive impact on ROI and ROAS for this client’s Global Digital Media plan. Client was also looking to differentiate and tailor digital campaign elements to their unique leadership vs. functional target audiences. 

This case study showcases the application of customized media aligned with publisher editorial to generate content relevancy among strategic targets and drive sales opportunities. Client needed to build awareness of their brand among audiences that had not been touched in the past – Marketing, CRM/Sales Operations, and Digital Customer Experience. 

This case study showcases Strategic Media’s ability to partner with an HR Software company to develop powerful multi-funnel campaigns to saturate key accounts, moving from awareness to marketing lead in the DemandBase platform. Client was seeking management of global advertising campaigns to saturate a number of account lists to produce multiple campaigns with varying objectives, goals, and KPIs. 

This case study showcases how Strategic Media helped a leading CRM company to build awareness among decision makers in the healthcare industry. Our client enjoyed a high level of awareness in the general market as a CRM/cloud vendor but that did not translate into vertical market segments, particularly healthcare and life sciences. 

This case study showcases how Strategic Media helped a major construction software company generate a ten-fold ROI in Sourced Pipeline

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