Case Study

DemandBase ABM Activation


Human Resources / People Management Software 


This case study showcases Strategic Media’s ability to partner with an HR Software company to develop powerful multi-funnel campaigns to saturate key accounts, moving from awareness to marketing lead in the DemandBase platform. Client was seeking management of global advertising campaigns to saturate a number of account lists to produce multiple campaigns with varying objectives, goals, and KPIs. Initiatives ranged from top accounts, working to generate awareness against key buyer personas, to deal accelerator campaigns to increase deal velocity to existing leads and known contacts at desired accounts. 


Managed 10+ campaigns concurrently, with all campaigns exceeding DemandBase benchmarks for accounts reached, lifted, engaged or clicked. Campaigns exceeded DemandBase CTR benchmarks by 10x and client-based benchmarks by 6x. 

Target Geography

North America, EMEA 

Target Personas

HR and People Management Decision Makers and C-Suite Executives 

Media Approach

  • Constructed sophisticated ABM display campaign architecture and messaging rotation to meet a variety of campaign goals.
  • Messaging segmented based on account & level of engagement with the brand.
  • Account lists were layered with known contact person lists and buyer intent keywords in order to prioritize delivery to the most valuable prospects at named accounts. 


  • DemandBase 

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