Case Study

Product Management Software & Solutions


Product Management Software & Solutions 


This case study showcases how Strategic Media helped a leading Product Management Software & Solutions client generate quick awareness, booth and landing page traffic surrounding the Mind the Product conference in June 2023.


Increased Booth traffic as compared with client’s testing without a supporting localized media buy.

Delivered 1.7 million geo-fenced display ad impressions and high 1% CTR which drove prospects to client’s landing page resulting in a 15% post-click conversion rate on the landing page.

Target Geography

  • San Francisco, Ca – Geo-targeting in proximity to Yerba Buena event center before and during the conference
  • National – Remarketing to prospects that visit the client’s landing page

Target Personas

Product Managers at SMB, Mid-Market & Enterprise businesses in the U.S.

Media Approach

  • Generate awareness with traditional media as well as digital touchpoints to conference attendees that allow for deeper brand engagement and performance tracking, plus a remarketing element that re-engaged known attendees post-conference 
  • Hyper-local targeted multi-channel approach to maximize spend in an effort to give a big brand feel for the client during the conference timeframe
  • Media Mix included a Digital Brand Truck circling the event center on the day of the conference plus geo-fenced display ads before, during and after the conference with tailored messaging to 1) drive traffic to the booth during the conference and 2) drive traffic to the website post-conference


  • Programmatic
  • OOH

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