Case Study

Vertical Market Video Promotions – Awareness Campaign


Cloud / CRM Software 


This case study showcases How Strategic Media helped a leading CRM company to build awareness among decision makers in the healthcare industry. Our client enjoyed a high level of awareness in the general market as a CRM/cloud vendor but that did not translate into vertical market segments, particularly healthcare and life sciences. To address this issue, the client created a series of thought leadership videos focused on healthcare customers. 


After just 2 months, delivered over 1.6 million video views, nearly 8MM+ ad impressions and 18K clicks, with average click through rate of 0.23% (over twice the industry average of 0.1%). 

Target Geography

North America

Target Personas

CRM / CX / Marketing Operations Decision-Makers 

Media Approach

  • In order to promote the video series, Strategic Media combined programmatic display and video campaigns targeted to an ABM list with email blasts and high impact display units on the sites of individual healthcare publishers.
  • YouTube video pre-rolls were also tested for the first time.


  • Programmatic Display and Video
  • YouTube
  • Direct Media Partners

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